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You did an exceptional job of capturing the majestic topic of your poem in the very words and rhyming that you chose. I really enjoyed it.
Just beautiful! I absolutely love the imagery throughout - but especially in the first two stanzas. My very favorite stanza, however, is the second to last (not including your refrain) - very powerful. The refrain is also quite powerful. Definitely a keeper - one I'll want to go back to.
If God was looking to add to the Psalms, I'd suggest He choose you. Eloquent, full of worship and praise. Simply stunning. Great work.
And we have a winner! I liked everything about this poem ... or psalm. The ababcc rhyme scheme made the poem so strong and gave it rhyme without the annoying sing-song feel. The rhyme was just a natural part of the poem and wasn't forced at all. I was impressed with how the words you chose fit the worshipful mood you were going for. You are most definately a mature poet!
Wow, Sharlyn, this is simply incredible in every way--great poetic elements, wonderful message. One of the best this week, in my opinion.
I truly enjoyed this. Love the imagery and the whole feel of the piece. Thumbs up!
What a beautiful, majestic poem! Brilliant imagery, lovely rhythm, powerful message! This is a favorite! :)
This is a wonderful God-honoring poem. I loved it!
Bravo! I feel like standing and clapping for a second and third ovation! What a performance of words and Praise! Wow!
I loved the alliteration in the first line. You also ended the piece beautifully. Another favorite: Great I AM moves with tremulous sweep chanting Let there be into the deep. This is most definitely talented writing. Very, very nice.
Great images. I'm impressed with the rhyme scheme/stanza structure. Are you like trying to win or something? :) This is a wonderful poem.
WOW - great poem! Congratulations on your win - it's well-deserved!
Saying "Beautiful" doesn't quite do this justice! It's amazing. I love it from beginning to end. Soul-stirring with great imagery and just the flow of the words. It does something to the heart. Congrats on a most certainly well-deserved win! ^_^
Did I not tell you!!!
Congratulations on a fine piece of poetry, Leigh
Congratulations! Powerful, beautiful writing. I'm glad you won the challenge.
You deserve 1st place for this incredible poem, and I'm so glad you won! :)
Beautiful entry. Congratulations on a well-earned placement.
Sharlyn, Congratulations on your win!!!