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Wonderful job of characterization. I felt like I knew the dad and little girl intimately. Your title definitely drew me in, and your vivid description kept me here.
Great story! I'm a daddy's girl too so I liked the dad's perspective here. I also liked how music was the connection between them, let them be silly and deal with life, and how they all learned from each other.
I really enjoyed this story! The characters came alive for me through both the vivid descriptions and realistic dialogue--I especially got a kick out of little Lily!

I felt some confusion at first over who "she" was (the criticizer). Also, past and present tenses seemed to be mixed up in the same scene.

Could really relate to the debate over the meanings of "silly" and "stupid"--since this happens in my family, too! (I'm the one who prefers using "silly.")

Delightfully creative title--it drew me in right away!
What a delightful story. You kept me captivated all the way through. Great writing.
“But, silly doesn’t mean stupid,” I stupidly argue.

“Yes, it does, silly,” she informs me.

I loved this! It's my favorite of yours so far, for several reasons--it's very accessible, it's very personal, and it's unbelievably touching...the father/daughter relationship portrayed with such love.
Good story on understanding the inner needs of a child. It was a little hard at first to discern who was saying what. It got a little clearer later. But a very good story of loving a child.
LOL! This is cute and funny. At first I thought the MC was a teenage daughter and then somehow it turns out to be someone else. Very fun and I especially like the touch of the 'stupid weeping willow'. Great writing! ^_^
Interesting character study, and an enjoyable story. I confess that I'm more like your wife than like you, but I relish the laughter of my children when my hubby "gets stupid" with them. Thanks for sharing this.
I really like this -- but I can't put my finger on "why". I appreciate your commentary on "stupid" because I think there are so many words we're afraid of using, especially around little kids, but really need to use to accurately describe a situation. I like seeing the intensity of the daughter's world -- what was important to her that we might find stupid, or silly. Great writing. It got into me and is being pondered.