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Very, very nice! I was a little confused at one point when Jeff first came to the trailer, I wasn't sure who was speaking there, but that's probably just me. I liked the story and the character of Penny. Very cute! Especially enjoyed the realistic touches like a Madagascar pink backpack and wanting Burger King. Great work! ^_^
A very touching story, and nicely written, too! Neat job on the shopping topic.
This is such a good, well-written story. I have been involved with helping kids at back-to-school time and the confidence and self-esteem it gives to the children (and their families) cannot be measured.

A nice approach to the subject of shopping.
Forgiveness is something we often struggle with, yet your words conveyed Jeff's forgiving attitude. Nicely one.
Wonderfully sweet story. In spite of all the evil in the world today, I believe there is a lot of this type of love being shown. Good writing.
Was touched by your story. Very creative take on the shopping topic too. Nicely done.
Very touching story! Your descriptions were excellent! :)
Loved the story - turning something bad into something good. Nice way to keep a memory.
Such a tender story. Great description too. Enjoyed this very much!
Yayness Julie! You got a highly commended. ^_^ Congrats!
This was really touching. It brought tears to my eyes.
A wonderful story. The description of Jeff pulling up to the trailer was especially vivid. This line was very powerful to me: Shes my angel. I believe she can break out of the life she inherited. The woman couldnt look him in the eye. A great title too. Congrats on your placement, Julie!
Congratulations on your win! This is a beautiful story.
What a great story! Congratulations on your recognition.
Oh, I liked this so much! congratualtions on the H.C. Please send me a pm ahead of time with an early brick, so I can read more of your challenge entires before the winners come out! ( don't worry, I'm not a judge, so it's legal!)
Your ending caught me! Well done! You carried me all the way through till the end - I loved this.