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Incredibly fascinating from beginning to end - including Title! A Masterpiece in my humble opinion - because it brought back my youth, and such wonderful memories of my own. Great story, great read, and super writing ability with spicy wit! Loved it! What more can I say? Double Kudos!
This was so much fun! It's well written, and engaging. You had me from the first paragraph. I loved the ending, too.
So original. I loved the description of the boy and it was like a punch in the stomach when he pulled out the stationary. I really felt for the girl! Great, I really enjoyed it!
Wahoo! Although I've just started reading in this level, this has got to be one of my favorites this week. Funny, funny, funny. Reminds me of me. You have captured the heart of a fourteen year old girl. I would have been the same way. This was well written, realistic and just plain old fun. Keep it up!
Cute boy/girl thing. It seemed a little too much, but then I remembered - she was only 14. Very believable. Good writing.
Too fun! This was great. I loved your character. You did a good job.
Cute but sad. The title caught my eye, I could feel for the MC. The line with serving stationary to the guests was hilarious. Great writing on this! ^_^
THis is so funny, and so believable! You told it seamlessly.