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This poem and character portrayal really brought Nabila to life! Her faith in God and selflessness in the face of suffering are indeed noble.

This account reminded me of my church pastor, who recently visited Kenya and is starting a ministry in a town there for the AIDS victims. This poem made the people there seem more real to me by getting inside the mind and heart of a single individual. Beautiful job!
This is a creative poem with a dynamite message. Nabila as the elder? Wow. Now, that's moving. Good job.
Nabila sure puts some of us to shame with her faith, thankfulness and praise. Liked the stlye and fow of this poem.
This a sobering piece, yet the thankful attitude of Nabila's heart is amazing. I feel humbled!
Heartbreaking--a 14-year-old elder--and yet she sings praises to God! Wonderful poem, wonderful message: some of us whine when we have the flu, or are a bit short on cash for the week.
I enjoyed the poem and its message. Although I'm not sure if you meant the meter to match the amble of one walking, when I read it, that is the pace it took for me. Good job.
Wonderfully written poem. Sure makes me feel guilty for shopping for clothes today!
So touching and convicting! Nabila's thankfulness puts me absolutely to shame! Thank you for sharing this amazing story.
VERY GOOD! This was amazingly heartfelt and flowed easily at the same time. I really liked how you repeated the phrases:

He is so faithful.
He is so good.

That really added to it, the line that packs the punch is when we discover that Nabila is only 14, but her spirit and attitude is one that we should mirror.

I especially like the names you chose for all of them, very creative and fitting! Awesome writing!
This is one of those that I'll keep thinking about long after I shut down the computer. Well done, what an amazing picture of faith and praise. Excellent.
Hi Terry, I wanted to let you know that I was one of the judges last week, and while this one did not get top scores in every category, it has left me with an indelible memory of Nabila walking down the road to work. This is the kind of writing needed eveywhere - the kind that sticks in the mind and won't let go because it is so inspirational. Thanks for writing it :)