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A poignant and moving piece. Thanks for sharing your desire.
Very well-written, thoughtful piece. You packed much in a relatively short article. Good job!
Very interesting read. Maybe I'm just burnt, but I really had no clue why she was there until the end. I thought it was for couples counseling. LOL Very vivid story.
Poignant and perfect. There are some FWs who can relate to this in very special ways! For those of us who thought we would never conceive, this is most touching. I love the ending.
very well written. I had no idea why she was there until the end, I just had to read to the end because it captured my attention.

Well crafted. Sorry, I couldn't help it...after half-way through, my eyes darted down to what I knew waited at the bottom.

Question...what was the part about the needle? I must be missing something...could you send me a message at your convenience and explain it to me, at your convenience?

Thanks for posting.
Excellent entry. I have been there in a different way, and I too wondered if other's could see my longing.
Very moving piece. I could relate. I've lost several children who are now with the Lord. That last line said it all. God bless you.