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This was a very nice story, excellently constructed, with a satisfying conclusion.
I really enjoyed this story! Mel came alive as a colorful and endearing character, both through the dialogue and through the description of how he looked--including with his original outfit. I could see and hear him!

Touching message and great job.
I definitely liked this! Mel is such a wonderful character-I loved the part with his 'fashion' sense and the sewing kit. It certainly was the 'right' thing to do. Excellent writing! ^_^
Good story. Enjoyed the description of Mel's outfit and felt his love for his wife. Good story of "letting go." Well done.
Great story, very touching, well done.
This was so easy to read. The descriptions, the dialogue ... I felt like I was sitting in the room with them. Really nice story and writing.
This was very touching and well-told. My only suggestion would be (for clarity) not mix Mel's dialogue with your main character's thoughts. Instead, begin a new paragraph as you would for any dialogue. I hope that's clear and more importantly, I hope it's right!
Very nice. Made me smile.
I enjoyed this story. You've got to love Mel. You did a good job of characterizing him. I like how he was honest about getting back with God after Martha's death. That's sometimes how it is. Sometimes we take something away from our children that they can't have and they are mad...for a bit, until they come around to loving and trusting us again. That was a very realistic detail!
How nice, and a fitting title. I loved Mel and I wager he'll be remarried before the year is over. Thanks for sharing this enjoyable story
Great atmosphere with this piece. Delightful!