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This brought tears to my eyes! So much emotion packed into here. I love the dialouge too and the idea of the handprints on the quilt. A beautiful reminder ^_^
Beautiful story. Thanks
This was a very touching story. God can sure reach out through others, can't he? I can't imagine the heartache of working in such a place. I'm sure glad that there are people who can do that. My heart hurt just imagining the heartache it would take to say goodbye....over...and over again.
This brought tears to my eyes, too.
I guess we'll just cry on here. Beautiful story. Well written.
Your first paragraph piqued my interest for the remainder of the story -one that was definitely worth telling. Thanks for the inspiration.
I really, really liked this. The story touched me, it was special. I had a lil trouble with the opening paragraph, it was good but it might have been a little clearer, but thats just me for wahtever its worth. Overall though a very, very good entry, excellently crafted, with a super strong ending. You're very talented. God bless.
This was wonderful. What a touching and powerful story. Loved it.
Just lovely and beautiful and touching and moving. Wonderful.
You made tears come to my eyes, I couldn't stop them. This is precious ... and well done.