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I want to sit at the feet of your grandfather. What a blessing to work the Bible stories into present time. What a gift! Too many people leave the stories in the Bible and don't take them out and let them walk around. Thanks for sharing this story!
Grandpa has the best craft of all. A very enjoyable piece!
One of my grandfathers was a farmer, the other a coal miner. I didn't get much attention from either one. This grandfather must be a jewel.
I could easily picture the grandfather spinning his tales for the boy. Very nice story. I loved reading it. Thanks for sharing this
What a wonderful tribute!I enjoyed all the details.
Thanks for sharing your intimate memories of your grandfather, Dub. You were blessed to have him. He reminded me of my own and the stories he'd share of growing up in Italy. So heartwarming and sweet! Blessings, Jo
I love the casual, nostalgic tone here, and the touches of brogue in the grandfather's speech.
Cool! I also thought about using story-telling for the topic "craft," but didn't....but you had lots more fodder than I would have. :-)

Anyway, several things come to mind. One, how fortunate you were to have had those hours at your grandfather's knee (assuming this is a true story)! Second, your entry inspires me to tell stories to my grandchildren, knowing that stories reach deep and change lives. Third, Jesus used stories (parables) and was the Master storyteller - a craft that deserves recognition and emulation!

Enjoyed this very much - thanks. :-)
Ain't grandpa's neat! I had both of mine for a very, very, long time. My two were like your one split in half. Grandaddy Lawler was a stern Southern Baptist preacher/farmer. My Grandpa Steele was the easy-going story teller. Thanks for helping me remember them today! Great story-telling!
A beautiful piece of history set into a beautiful piece of writing.
You made this grandfather come alive. I could hear his laughter, and longed to hear more than just the descriptions of his stories! A wonderful charcterization.
I wish I could have known your grandfather. I could see him in his chair. Thank you for sharing him with us!
This is really compelling. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. What a legacy!