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Great job! Flowed nicely and was very real:)
Great title! Nice story, my friend, and I enjoyed the read.
I enjoyed the description of the characters in your study group, especially Daniel Boone. Although I’m still not convinced that the latter isn’t something of a distraction from the main thrust of your short story. It would have been interesting to have heard what Atik thought of the tract. Did you have a go at reeling him in or was he the one that got away?!
Interesting. Different. Liked the explanation of sin being a disease.
An interesting story. I agree that the middle does digress from the point of your story, but the ending was very good beginning with: “Why do you need this propaganda?” The story concludes nicely with a glimmer of hope.
I love your title! And I love how you illustrate the most effective way to share the gospel, with actions rather than too many words. LIVE your life to share the gospel; when necessary, use words. Blessings, Cheri