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I really enjoyed this story! It began to especially capture my interest when little Katie bounced in and began asking her mom questions--delightful, realistic dialogue! I enjoyed the story of how "Manger" got his name.

Great descriptions too--I could see the frisky little puppy in the shelter!

I also loved the way the story came full circle, with the granddaughter's pet choosing her--and the daughter following in her mother's (the grandma's) footsteps by writing down the stories of her own life. Beautiful symmetry there!
Oh, my--this is very special to me because my grandmother, too, left behind writings. Hers were published works, but there's one very precious, unpubished manuscript that was found after she died. I also love your descriptions--the puppy "like a yo-yo", the fabric-covered hatbox, the name "Manger" (so cute!). Wonderful!
For such a somber story, I never thought I would be laughing at the end. I loved the last line—it was perfect! And this is so true: “How like God…to use this ridiculous book…” I’ve witnessed something very similar, except it was a children’s Christian music cassette tape. This was wonderfully written from beginning to end.
Oops! Disregard previous comment. I had multiple windows opened and commented on the wrong story.
Your story hit home, as I have a closetfull of my published and unpublished writings...but they'll be dumped in the trash I'm afraid. But this story was delightful...and written well. Thanks for reminding me that "words can be left behind"....
I really liked this. I have a daughter-in-law who saves almost everything I write to give to her children (my grandchildren)later. It makes me feel good to know she cares enough to want her children to identify with me. Maybe someday, one of them will take up writing like your character did. I certainly hope so.
This is such a sweet story. I recently discovered the writings of a great uncle whom I never knew, and now I feel like I know him.
The puppy added a great twist at the end.
Very, very good. I wrote a story like this once about finding my grandfather's stories. I couldn't tell you where it is, but maybe grandboy will find it one day. Super story, very well done. God bless.
Jen... wow, I've been desperate for comments before but it never got so bad that I left one on my own story. ha ha - just teasing. Accidents happen.

Well, you've got to know I LOVED your story. It has a puppy (with a super name!!) and animal shelter... the ingredients for one of my favorites. I enjoyed every word.
Wow! I really enjoyed reading this! Being a dog lover I can so relate to how pets pick us.

But you captured these moments so well and did a great job of carrying the reader along. I loved this entry.
Oh, aren't grandparent stories the best? I will always remember lying on the mattress on the floor with my grandma when she came to stay at our house and my parents were gone. (She refused to let us give up one of our beds.) I would lie beside her and she'd tell me stories until my parents came home.
Such a sweet and touching story. Loved the way it reached between and across generations. I knew she was going to get a puppy before they left the house but the story was wonderful all the same. Thanks for sharing this
You have all the ingredients for a perfect story, and how well you put everything together! I love the idea of words left behind, from parents and grandparents, touching future generations. Thank you, as well, for blessing me with your comments on my writing. I appreciate you!