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It's hard to find words to describe how touching this is. How much we take for granted in our normal, everyday world. Kudos to you for this unusual piece. Great job of writing!
Well put. Good job.
This made me a bit teary. I really liked the ending.
You've conveyed a wonderful message with this piece. It is well written, and held my attention as well.
Touching, well-written story. Sounds as though many important lessons were learned through the wise judge's sentence.
It seemed that the garish piece of art took a backseat to the story after the first initial look-see; however, when this Writer wrapped up the story, the Reader could plainly see that THIS WAS INDEED the focus of the story...and brought out the lumps in the throats, the tissues to the eyes...of the Readers. You did great job at the "Farm(?)...and Super job writing about it. Well done!
Excellent. A very unique take on the topic. How true that we sometimes see the frame, and miss the picture!
Beautifully, sensitively composed. I wonder how many lives that framed picture changed.
Congratulations! This is indeed a very moving piece. You've artistically 'painted' this poignant story with a very soft 'water-color' touch. So appealing!
One word describes this piece; wow. Sometimes a story can make you laugh, cry, smirk, smile, or think. Then some, such as this one, can simply smack you right between the eyes. Very well done.
Congrats on your win. Great story!
Great job! I love your description of the kids and the care they needed. Congrats - your win was well deserved. :)
Congratulations! I did see your characters clearly. Considering that we only have 750 words, the development of your relationships with your characters was well executed. I felt your protagonist's emotions. Leaving the artwork until the end made a greater impact. Loved it.
Very nice piece and CONGRATS on the BoB placing! What a great talent you have! :-)
Congratulations on BOB placement for this awesome story. This is a story to prick the conscience and warm the heart and challenge one to look past everyones frame.
Congratulations Debbie on such an awewsome piece - I LOVED this the first time. I'm so glad it made it.

Enjoy the dance! We're dancin with ya!
Just amazing, Debbie. A big, well-deserved, congrats to you for your BoB placing! Wonderful.
Wow! I loved this when I read it the first time, and I'm very pleased to see it made the top three of the BOB. Congratulations!
I liked your story before, and I like it even better the second time!! Congrats!!! :)
So beautiful, Debbie! A message we all need at times.
I just saw an amazing testimonial-video on of Nick Vujicic who has no arms or legs, yet travels the world as an evangelist and motivational speaker. Amazing what difference an attitute can make.
Anyway - your very well-written article reminded me of that.
Well done on placing BOB!! Yulanda :)
Just beautiful - WELL DONE!
Congratulations, Debbie! This is truly a treasure in presenting the mentally and physically handicapped as masterpieces of God's creation who we can all love and value if we just take the time. Beautifully written. May God continue to gift us all with His Heart through your pen!
Congratulations, Debbie. This really deserves the recognition and I hope it reaches the world of readers everywhere.

I missed this first time around. It is so good, it made me weep. Now I want to discover more about the author! I love your heart.
How did I ever miss this the first time through? This is absolutely touching. Your writing placed me right there, with every emotion exposed. You awakened my senses and brought beauty into my world today. Thank-you and congratulations on placing with this wonderful essay.
Wow. What a message. Wow. I need one of those tissues, too. ...Wow.
Very good. Truly this article is a winner.
Thank you. This article brought back some wonderful memmories for me. As a young nurse, i worked in what was then called a pediatric nursing home with 80 special needs children, ranging in age from birth to 22. each one had a uniqueness about them that required looking beneath the surface to find, but made working with them such a blessing. Thanks again.
This would be a great one to publish where youth groups would see it and share it. Thank you for communicating what you learned from one mistake.
I've been wondering what is missing from my writing...God has shown me by having me read this story. Thank is beautiful, moving, and a great reminder to not "judge a book (or a person) by their cover...
A moving illustration of how we can see and appreciate real beauty within what might appear at first to be the ugliest of things.

Well written, expressing the real nature of the person who wrote it.
I am unsure if this story is fictional or not. But, having worked with children with developmental or physical delays, I can relate. It is the most awesome experience. Thanks for taking me there again. Great story.
As the mother of a severely disabled child this story moved me to tears. Thank you for a beautifully written piece, from someone who obviously has a beautiful heart.
Even the title escaped me...I sort of ignored it like the narrator ignored the painting inside the frame. I loved this and actually wished it was longer, more descriptive of how hard it truly was to have this place be part of her community service, but maybe that's part of its charm. Thanks, I'll carry Alyssa with me today and perhaps see beyond the frame that others carry.
I thought I'd read the BoB winners, but this title caught my eye on the challenge front page today, and I couldn't remember having read it. So glad I found it today! Wonderful story, with a wonderful message. I volunteer with challenged kids sometimes, and it's so exciting when I begin to find glimpses of who they really are inside.
How very creative and well done. Love it.
This story moved me to tears. It was beautifully and eloquently written. I am so appreciative that God sees beyond the picture frame and looks at our hearts.