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Great job. Very interesting spin on the topic. Your dialogue was right on.
lol! That was definitely an amusing ending. Good break from writing about historical sorts of stuff. Personally I would have like to seen a little bit more description of the peddler himself and his mannerisms (the way he smiled, moved his hands, etc.) and perhaps had the buyers be a bit more precautions (kind of human nature), but overall definitely a good piece. Ending was extremely funny.
Someone with a very good sense of humour wrote this one! Very funny, and well written.
I loved this. The peddler stepped right out of another century to move comfortably into this one. Great job!
Boy, I didn't see that ending coming! You did a wonderful job of developing that wonderful "artist" character in the man. Definitely a fun take on the topic.
This is just perfect! [My guess this is not only a winner (of course I've only read a handful, so far, in this level), but it will take "first place" if not here, somewhere in publishing land :]
Unexpected take on the topic; clever; good dialog and I love the punch line at the end. Now all I need to know is who wrote it. Bravo!
Cute story...sounds like one of those scenes from Law & Order; nicely written.
Yup, this goes on my favorite list. Very well composed, delightful language, and perfect defined Art.
What a unique take on the topice and so well written. Good job.
Wow! This carried me from beginning to end! I felt I was watching a scene from a movie. Well, well done!
What a memorable character you've created! Why, you're an artist!
LOVE IT!!!! had me grinning the whole way -waiting for the punchline and I wasn't dissapointed!
A very unique perspective on the topic but I loved the story and you definitely created a great character. I agree that the dialog was well done. Thanks for sharing this
Congrats on being out of the box and having such a unique entry. It was a fun story, especially the bits where you made fun of ads in TV:)
lol. I couldn't help chuckling at this piece. I liked the ending with the last line and the 'art of persuasion'. Very interesting.
Congratulations Betty! I just might know of a magazine that this would fit right into :)
Congrats on your win!
Ah, the art of the sale! Great job - a very enjoyable, engaging read. Congratulations!
Congratulations, Betty! A well deserved win for sure. I'm delighted this story caught the judges eyes.

Thank you for reading and commenting on my "art" story, too. I appreciate you!