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Awesome! I would definitely say that you have a way with words.
PenCrafter, may I be the first to join you in your oath? It is a worthy goal.
Wow! Powerful stuff here! I liked the 'snappy comeback' in the beginning and the ending-it stirs something inside of me as a write. You do have a way with words, pencrafter. I wish you all the best!
Wonderful beginning! Wonderful middle! Wonderful ending! I enjoyed reading this very much, but even more I was inspired by it! Thank you! :)
I love how you brought us through your entire career in such a delightful and fascinating way - and I especially liked the oath at the end. I'll join you in that one. This definitely flowed well.
I liked your organization in this piece: the beginning, twenty-five years ago, and a definition of why writing is a powerful and worthy goal, the middle, an example of how writing was, personally, helpful to you, and, in the end, the solemn oath you took so that this "power" would be for good.
What a fascinating life! Magnum P.I. writing his book about his methods and adventures. That must be a terrific combination, as detecting must introduce you to characters, plots, drama, everything a writer needs. Plus - you bring the most important REASON for writing: to God be the glory. This was fun reading!
I loved your swift comeback with the nifty verbs--and the bit about your ears and knees taking over. You really DO have a way with words, and I thoroughly enjoyed this. One of the times here at FW when I regret the 750-word limit, because I definitely wanted more.
Great opening, involved the reader, right on topic, super writing, entertaining, informative, inspirational, and an anointed message, all wrapped up in a superb essay. Very, very good Marilyn. This was a great read to start my day. God bless.
Blessings to you dear lady. This is masterful writing . . . and thank you for blessing me.
And quite the pencrafter you are. You relayed a great message, and ended with a flourish. Very well done.
This is great! The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. It has the power to make people laugh, cry, think, and even repent. (more verbs:-) You have encouraged me to keep writing - all for God's glory!
Fun! You do have a way with verbs!
...and thank you so much, Marilyn, for all the comments you take the time to give to so many writing for the WC each week...especially the comments you give ME! (smile) Thank you, Friend! You make good use, in more ways than one, of your God-given talent for writing. I appreciate you :)
I loved this! My favorite phrase was "love gift from our Heavenly Father." You, indeed, do have a way with words!
You know, Marilyn, with your love of words and passion for writing, I can see your name on both "Marilyn's Translation of the Book of Hezekiah (you mean there's not one??) and on the cover of Mad Magazine at the same time. I'll bet you've even written your own obit!
Fess up! **smile**
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