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Perhaps....this is the only way my novel will ever get completed LOL Great reminder of who we are writing for and a few other things to ponder.
Such a delight! It put us all in our place as to Who or Whom we are writing for; but we still have a desire to touch somebody, to give them something to ponder, to bring a lost soul to Him. Mixed feelings, perhaps. Loved the "Useful Branch" title. Used as a fishing rod, a writing tool, and a cane. Great Job. Really enjoyed the read, and very well written.
I enjoyed "A Useful Branch." It showed me how God can always find a way to do anything. I'm sure the main character decided that God had read the three chapters, and that he could finish it in any way or fashion.
God Bless
What a wonderful story! I don't know how I'd feel either, but you remind us that our works are ultimately for Him. You painted a wonderful picture and I really enjoyed reading it. Well done!
Great reminder of our real purpose. It's all wrapped up in a good read, besides. Very well done.
This really touched me...and gives me much to ponder. Thank you for writing it.
Boy, this would sure be a test for our intent. I hope that I don't get put on a desert island because of that book I haven't written. It sure gives me a charge, though, to think that I am here with my computer and don't need a stick. Thanks for reminding us of what is really important. It was a very creative turn!
That was great! A wonderful reminder about Who we should be writing for...Though, I must say, OUCH. That would really hurt to write so much only for no one else to ever see it! But, once again, this story serves as a great reminder of the true reasons behind our writings. Great job! I really enjoyed this! ^_^
I'm a fan of your writing :-)
This story slowed a bit when you reverted to "telling" us about the shipwreck. Still an enjoyable read though. You had me examining my motives for writing and that is powerful. Great work!
Haven't we all dreamed of a deserted island? But without pen and paper? That's a nightmare!

Good job here of taking us along with him during his time of revelation. I could feel the hot sand under my feet and see the palms sway - ahhh ... nice.
It may have washed off the beach, but I'm sure there's a copy in heaven's library. What? Of course, there's a library in heaven.
I enjoyed the creativity of having your MC 'write' the novel in the sand just for the Lord's eyes. This story is a wonderful reminder of the main author of all our inspiration.
A really novel idea for the theme, and a very strong message for all of us who enjoy the applause of others just a little too much. Certainly a rebuke to me - lovingly spoken, of course. Very well done.
I like how the MC stuggles with who will read the novel, and yet is still concerned about stereotypes. Great convicting message.
Thanks for this piece that speaks to the heart of the writer. It certainly makes one think - a bit convicting actually (which is a good thing) about why we write. Great job on this one.
Wow. I got shivers up my spine! Thanks for sharing this. I've added it to my favorites list inorder to come back to it again and again. I needed this message and I'm sure I'll need it again!

Blessings as you write for the Glory of HIM!
This is a lot to chew on. Convicting words, my friend. Thanks for sharing.
You gave a true sense of being alone on an island with all your thoughts and emotions building in the solitude of another type of world. I loved His relationship with God and the manner God showed apprecistion for the novel written just for him. This is a keeper!
This made me smile and nod my head in agreement, because what you've expressed is so true. What a gift you have for digging deep and bringing up such treasures as this.
Very creative and a story that makes me think! I loved it - just enough detail to take me to the island. Great writing skills- you really got into his head and described his thoughts well!!
What a message! I loved reading it and feeling the quandry he was in, and that he did what he knew he should, regardless of who was, or rather, wasn't around. Thank you!!
I thought I commented on this already. Excellent job. And congrats Joanne. Job well done. God bless.
This is really awesome. Congratulations on your level win
Wow, Joanne! You really nailed it! This was the best work you've done, and the win was well deserved. What an AWESOME story!
Joanne, thanks for reminding me of this marvelous piece. Reading it again, I had the same "hmmmm, this is speaking to me" feeling, and again, much food for thought. I'm goind to feature it on the Front Page Showcase for the week of June 11. Look for it on the home page!
WOW! Thanks for the blessing! Just for You, Lord. Just for You.
I think I will crossstitch this on a pillow and keep it near my laptop! An awesome reminder, and it is so easy to forget!
The underlying message I took from your wonderful, wonderful story is that the Lord, as a way of life, creates beauty, even for those who don't appreciate it or notice. Yet we rarely are willing to create something for Him alonez: we want human audience, approbation, and honors. For want of space I won't comment on all the good attributes of you story. There are far too many!!!!
This is so different. A good account of doing something for God. No wonder it was a winner. And congrats on the front page.
Awesome story!! It deserves a front page place! What a wonderful message in this extremely well-written piece! :)
A useful branch indeed! This is quite fun to read, I enjoyed the ending best of all.
I hadn't read this one before now. It touches issues I have been dealing with in my own walk with God. I feel like praying "Lord, find me a stick so I can be sure it is for You, and only You."

You have challenged my writer's heart, Joanne.
Thank you, Jo! I really needed this reminder! Hugs!