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Unique and creative take! Now THAT'S the way to start the day - a massage, rest and in shape. Perfect! Loved this one!
Very cute and to the point! makes me love bread even more!
An absolutely delightful devotional that kept me reading throughout; from start to finish without a "yawn or a ho-hum" of boredom! Super! Plus, of course, it has a great message, brought back memories of my own mother who baked bread every week...and the smell? The aroma crept right through the internet to my hungry nose...ahhhh. Thanks! Great entry!
Short, simple, sweet devotional with a great title!
Cute! I like it. No brainer there. ;-)
I just adored this - sweet, engaging, and to the point. Great stuff!
I really enjoyed this too, it was a fun read and very clever. And I could smell the bread too! Mmmmmm, yum! There's NOTHING quite like fresh-baked bread.
I enjoyed this read. Well thought out. Thanks for sharing.
You made me hungry! Almost went to the kitchen to make toast instead of critiquing.

There is some wonderful imagery here that could be expanded ... yeast not working if the temp isn't right, our need for rest.

I love the reflection at the end.
I love your entry! Great analogies, and a good message. I would have liked a longer piece too, to see where else your creativity took this article.
You made me want to be a loaf, too. This is a very creative, well written, and fun read.
This was great, I really liked it a lot. I never thought about it before, but home baked bread does have a rather good "life." Definitely a fun read. ^_^
How creative and fun!! Never considered that I would long to be a loaf of bread. :-) I hope this piece places, Sheri.
A perfect devotion for a Christian cooking class. Well done, loved the tone.
You’re right. “Who doesn’t love home baked bread?” A cute devotional with a nice message. It sounds like a good deal to me too.
Very cute and spritely, without the guilt factor of not being able to eat it at the end :)