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You were a true friend to your father getting rid of that horse! What a great story!
LOLOL! I had a Shetland pony too and she must have been this one's twin!!
LOL t'aint no friend of mine! Those shetland ponies are just cantankerous! Great job and lesson!
Ha - loved the story. Far more than I enjoyed the flashbacks to my own horse moments. Been there, done that. My husband told me that he fell in love with me the day he saw me interacting with a very naughty horse! Hmmm don't know what that says about him, but I chose to think it's sweet! Thanks - your crushed childhood dream was very amusing - esp Wm Wallace Ha.Ha. Be careful what you long for, huh?
Great story! Very funny how it came full circle there at the end. A bit of wisdom I will remember if I'm ever in the market for a pony!
Loved the story. Sounds like that pony needed exorcism. I bet the guy your Dad bought it from laughed all the way to the bank. Use of good humor made it a fun read.
Great story. You told it with such freshness that I could picture the whole scene. Glad you still got to ride Ginger a few times.
Definately a funny story ..... hope it was supposed to be! lol! Great job!
Hi Allison. I probably won't get to do this every week, but I'll try to do it as often as I can. I really just wanted to let you know that "The Hundred-Dollar Horse" made it into the semi-finalist list for the Friendship Challenge. There just happened to be a very high level of competion for Level 3 for this particular topic.
So, be encouraged. You were right up there with the winners. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)