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Great title, and a really engaging, homey voice.

Toward the end, this started to wander a bit off-course, but it ended back on track. I enjoyed this a great deal. And by the way, "jailhouse gravy" sounds wonderful to me!
Loved your story and your title, too. Can't ever remember reading that verse in Samuel so going to look it up. Great application!
I love this article, and the title is very catching. I know what you mean about making pancakes from scratch. I enjoyed your thoughts.
Love the voice! The title definitely got my attention, and the story kept it! Great application too!
My mama used to make snake biscuits! Your entry brought back nice memories and the descriptions pur me back in time just a little!
It's true - food made from scratch tastes so much nicer than ready meals! This was a great devotional, about how God recognises the importance of cooking. Haven't ever heard of 'Jailhouse Gravy' or 'Snake Cakes' (Perhaps that's to do with living in the U.K.), but they sound really good!
An absloutely wonderful title and it made me curious about how each of these things taste. Great job!
This is a nice, comfortable read, the kind that makes you want to curl up in front of yoru fireplace. Love the title, too.
I enjoyed reading this one. You have a great story-telling voice. My little girls love it when I make italian bread sticks from scratch. They call them bread snakes:) I make teddy bear pancakes- round head, two little round ears, chocolate chip eyes...
Of course my mini-van does its share of McDonald's drive thru's too...
Awesome! Will you come and cook for me, just once?
My wife is also an excellent cook, making things that make my mouth water, and she does it for the Lord.
I can appreciate your statement that “Breakfasts were celebrations of morning.” We love good breakfasts made from scratch around our house too. A very enjoyable read and a delightful glimpse into another’s kitchen and family heritage.
Cute title-fits the story just right! I like the character of the grandmother, the story had a sort of 'cozy' feel to it, making me want to read it again. Very good!
Thanks for commenting on "Cookies and Letters"
Dub, I've always heard my Dad, who was a WWII army vet and made the best gravy I ever tasted, refer to jailhouse gravy as "**** on a shingle". I always loved it regardless of the name.

I was lazy this week and only got to your article via the message board (didn't look at all the levels). I didn't notice your title til now. It is an eye-catching title.

Good essay on the difference between the diets and habits of our forbears and us.

We make quite a few 'scratch' items here, including pancakes. Nothing compares. Thanks for bringing me back to some precious memories.
Thoroughly enjoyed the homey feel of this piece. The title caught my eye for sure earlier in the week and I thought to myself, "this sounds like Dub." Guess I was right. Congratulations on an enjoyable article.
both jailhouse gravy and snake cakes sound wonderful. I do agree with the review that you tended to wonder off topic about midway through, but you came back. Other than that, I think that is was very nicely wrote.
Glad you explained what jailhouse gravy and snakecakes are - had never heard of them. Great story for giving insight to how life is lived in another part of the world (to me!). Thanks.
Ahhh ... Dub, if we could only go back to the good old days of bacon grease,lard and butter. (and hard physical labor) They made everything taste and turn out better.

Poignant and entertaining, and I loved getting to know your family.

No surprise on the writing. You always have that one nailed down.

If she had cooked for Jacob he might have refused to die. Too funny! I really enjoyed this, and loved the Scriptural aids :)
I've read about people making roux, I didn't realize that my mom did it for every meal. She taught all of her daughters to cook from scratch like she did. Wonderful job, great feel to this essay. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing.