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Wonderful story of how we can make ourselves available to help anyone - your friend was a hero to notice and help!
Your writing is so interesting, with sweet characters. I have just a small critique: what happened to Kara's bad headache? This reader wanted to know. I would just add a sentence to wrap up that part of the story (such as: These pesky migraines served God's purpose, today!)so you don't leave your readers dangling.

One other blip got by your radar: "Jenny" should be "Kara" in the phone conversation. But, stuff like that happens to all of us, I know!

Some great phrases: the Liberty Bell bit, the relief of strangers...this is well-written.
Very nice portrayal of an unsung hero. There were some really good descriptive phrases as well. I liked this a lot.
A truly touching story and it's something that any of us could do if we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for sharing this.
I loved how Jenna had prayed that God would guide her to help someone and that she was able to. A very sweet story with a wonderful message. I loved the title too!
Merry Christmas Valora!!! Congrats on placing!! Whoo hoo!!
congrats on placing! Great story!
I too would like to have seen the headache tied in at the end - even if it didn't go away. Loved your description of the little toddler. I've been there! ;) Congratulations!
Congratulations, friend! It's a thrill to see your name in the headlines!
Congratulations, Val!! I love your title. It's a real blessing to see your name in the winner's circle. Congratulations again my dear friend!
Well done, Valora! A sweet story of quiet obedience. (Do watch out for repetition... rounded the corner... :-))