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Great story! A few minor grammatical errors here and there, but great read.
Your picture-painted writing is just amazing to me. You give us such a view with so few words, as in:

"Tell the boys that I saw my first porcupine last week! He came in the shop as I was welding. I looked down and there he was! He was trying to get away from the sparks I was making, grumbling and fussing like a little old man...."

I love it. And, this is a good story all the way through. Thank God for His pastor-shepherds, looking out for the sheep of His pasture.
I really thought this was a good story! I liked how you incorporated the letter into the body of the story. I agree with the other commenters--the beginning was gripping. I enjoyed reading it very much.
Great descriptive writing - I also like the letter part of your story. I feel for those who must leave home and hearth to find work.
Love this slice of life! I felt like I was right there. What wonderful providence in so many incidents! Great read.
My thoughts as I was reading the letter were that this is a real Godly husband! Even though he was in danger, he didn't write any of it to his wife and he encouraged her with spirtual truths! I loved this story!