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I love this! From the entire concept, the letter, the setting, the question, and especially THE ANSWER. Your reader gets a message without even realizing it, the perfect devotional in my mind. (I'd send this out as my Christmas letter, if I had written it :)
I love this! I wish something like this would become as widely-read as that insipid "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" letter has been. Your own questioning letter and thoughtful answer are so much more meaningful! Superb!
Oh so creative and well commincated. I'm impressed. I also really liked your opening. I was connected to your pastor from the get go. very effective. Super characterization that carried your message expertly. God bless.
I would never have thought to answer the dear sister this way very insightful! Well done.
Honest question. Holy Spirit-inspired answer. Very creative and unique. Good job! Blessings, Cheri
Good message in the question and the answer! Also loved the MC's son's question. :) Well done.
This is awesome. Wonderful structure and content that is truly inspiring. Terrific job on all counts.
This is wonderful:) SO well written - such beautiful language and the delivery to the question was so perfect. A very enjoyable read! I hope you do well!!
So insightful and beautifully written! Great description throughout!
I was baptized by a Pastor Harley. I loved this piece, especially the thought about the matching ties and color schemes! Beautifully written and with a nice touch of humor. Good job.
(Thanks for commenting on An Amber-Eyed Adventure!)

For some reason, my heart wants to be close to yours tonight. This is the second night in a row I have read your piece. I didn't answer it yesterday because I wanted time to think.

I LIKE what you said about blues and greens mixing. I'm no "fashion plate" so I often dress to my bride's great displeasure. Trust me when I tell you that I would be just FINE walking out the front door natily attired in a motorcycle helmet with a propeller on top, a tutu, and a pair of swim fins. (For FORMAL occasions I would also put on pants!) (I'm not a TOTAL farmer!)

But what got to me most was the letter that the woman wrote. The line "I know that it's wrong to question God" struck me right between the eyes because today in my bible study I got an answer to that. We can't be God's friend if we DON'T question Him. Could we be friends with ANYBODY if we didn't get close enough to question them? To hear their thoughts and give ours in return?

There is a lot more that I want to say about your story, like the beautiful way you described Satan's presence on earth as a vehicle for our joy, but I'll leave that to another time and place.

Thank You for your efforts. They are NOT wasted.

Your old USMC Buddy