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this was cute! Great job--easy to follow and was a smooth read.
Very fun! I LOVED the whole "whale/large fish" controversy. I did find some of the pirate talk a bit distracting, but really enjoyed the story overall (and I admire your patience with all that formatting!!). A delightful read!
I really enjoyed this humorous account of a familiar story. Good descriptions and fun to read. Great job!
This is very clever!

If you come back to this, you might want to work on the "pirate-ese". For example, instead of "How many times do me...", it seems like it should be "How many times does I..."

I, too, loved the whole whale/fish debate. Highly amusing.
What a cute story! I first smiled at Larrys full name. A favorite line: Well, how many large fish do you knowbellies. This was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.
Cute and clever sum it up best. Thanks for sharing.
This is great!

Really creative... I wish I could read the sequel!

Good Luck!
Cute and funny with a great little story in there. And yes, I too loved the whale/fish controversy (it's about time someone got it right!). Great writing. :)
Whimsy, pure whimsy. Creative, funny, with a message. Totally stepped out of the box on this one....and won the prize. The title certainly set the tone for this. Eye catching. Well done!
This is so original! Congratulations!
Fun interview. My fav line: 'I shall send you the bill for the counseling I will have to go through to get that image out of my head.'
Allison, this was a BLAST. Thanks so much for entering this creative, delightful pirate version of Jonah. Congrats on your win!
This is soooooooooooo cute! It really should be used as drama in front of a church. Get some young people performing it and watch it bless the hearts of the congregation! Great job, Mate!