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Beautiful, moving account of a couple's ordeal. It reminded me of a good friend of mine whose husband is actually going through something like this now. Great description and dialog!

The title delighted me, but led me to anticipate a humor piece. The story attached to it caught me by surprise!
Whoa! What a piece of reality that includes God being right there for the strength we need.

Good stuff here!

I love the fact that such a serious piece has touches of humor--makes your narrator's voice very real and relate-able. Superb.
Very good retelling of an ordeal none of us would want to go through. Who can't relate to the emergency room visit on a Friday afternoon or the wait for information? Loved the title, by the way. Thanks for sharing.
The first sentence reeled me in. This is a touching story. I especially like the last paragraph. I think it shows a lot of faith. Nicely done.
Excellent job Joanne. Thank God for Hope and Faith. I could really identify with the slimmers, a sliver of a glimmer, of humor that help deal with situations that are out of our human control, other than to expressing hope and faith. God bless.
You wove this heart wrenching story so well that I sailed right through it and came to the end before I realized it. I'm hoping there's a part two to tell more of this experience. So well crafted.
The humorous Title reeled me in, but the touching story held me. Riveting story, excellent writing, and Kudos!
I like this very much. It was very moving, and I agree with previous comments that the 'slimmers' of humour very much added to it. If I were to be super-critical, I'd say that I thought the last third (except the final paragraph) weakened a little - the rest of the piece was quite intense, and it lost a little bit of that intensity towards the end. But I really did like it, and I assume it is true?
I'm dubbing this week,The Week of Truth! Thank you for sharing something so personal and gripping. The touch of humor was perfect. I pray that all is well with your dear husband.
And I like the fact that you too shared a true account this week!! What would we do without His strength? I couldn't stop reading this. Very well written!
Great story, well written. I only wish to have seen the ending, you know, the one that says, after surgery he came home and healed and we are alright.
Very touching and beautifully written. This must have been so difficult but you brought this couple's struggle to life. Thanks for sharing this beautiful the title!
Joanne, Thanks for sharing this true account. It brings back memories of my husband's nephew's brain surgery earlier this year, resulting in nothing less than a HUGE miracle. You recounted those moments vividly and I felt your emotion as well as your struggle. Wonderful writing, as always. (P.S. - love the title :-))
You had me, a relatively inexperienced reader, right there with you. Ditto re the slivers of humour throughout ... guess you need humour to keep going at times, eh? I'm sure there is lots more to be written yet - hope you do.
WOW! This was masterfully written...touched my heart!
Dear Joanne - you've been through something, as one comment mentioned, none of us would chose to experience. But, by writing it down you give us opportunity to sit by your side and live it through you. Thank you for telling your story just the way you did. It is very well done.
Wow! What God has brought you and your family through! This is such a well written testimony of God's help in your darkest hours. I've seen God's mercy in my own family.
Thank you for your kind words of welcome to the boards. Verna
Joanne, this is wonderful. Your story touched my heart deeply and brought tears because I identify completely with the feelings you express through your writing here. Thank you for sharing this private moment and giving words to the pain people everywhere feel when they hear news like this. God is using your talent to bless me today!
Thanks for sharing. I think I'm numb and speechless right now. It's good to know we are never alone.
Joanne, your story, beautifully told, encourages others to hang on and have faith. He is always with us!
I was browsing at random and came across this piece. Very beautiful and heartfelt. I like how as the reader, I feel as if I am watching from a tiny window and wishing I could send a hug down to show my support. Great writing! ^_^
Wow! What an experience! My husband having MRSA, ultimately resulting in his having to have his right leg amputated six inches above his knee, last April, doesn't compare with what you and your husband have gone through. How brave you both have been. I know how God has been with you through this, as He has been with us through our experience. Hart is blessed to be able now, to sit for hours at his computer, sending out encouragement to the many people we have met through the internet, who are hurting....I am sending a prayer to God for you both. I am so glad to have met you through FW. God bless you....Helen
What a beautiful story of love and perseverance, all profiled by God's watchful eye. May your family have much peace and your husband continued recovery. RLP
After reading your comment on my article, I went back and read your story "Proof My Husband Has
A Brain"....Thank you so much for sharing this with others. Most of the time people think they are the only ones who go through this agonizing type of situation. Sharing these experiences does truly help others so they do not feel so alone. I did not start on FW until Feb 2008, so I have a lot of reading to do of previous submissions. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my submission recently. How is your husband doing today 7/5/08.
I was led to this piece from your bio. I read it with tears in my eyes, as it is so reminiscent of a similar trauma my sister went through about the same time as yours. Also, because my husband had gone through a series of medical problems since 2004, (his right leg was amputated a year ago, due to MRSA) I can SO relate. How great, though, it is to have a God to rely on? May God bless you as you live daily, relying on Him to give you strength, and to give your husband comfort....Helen
That's a wonderful article, Joanne. My mother died as a result of a brain tumor. God entered her life because of it so quite a bit of good came. I will pray for your husband, Marc. God Bless You.

Thank you very much for your comments on my article. Yours was the first in that series. Your story was touching.The title was what attracted me. It was somewhere in 2006. Could you please let us know, if i am not intruding into your personal matter, of the status as of now. Keep in touch.
Couldn't take my eyes from your story, once I began, Joanne. Tears at the end.
It's been over 8 yrs since you submitted this article to the challenge. I am sitting here as I type this with tears streaming down my face. I am an only child, caretaking my mother, who is very ill. I took care of my dad until he died 3 yrs ago. Thank you for your comment on my article, Busy NOT. I read your profile, which led me to this article. Thank you for sharing it. Great job!