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LOL - I read the first two stanzas thinking ... man, this one really should move back a level or two. What a strange language English is. Made me chuckle.
I love your "homophone fun" here - the poem itself did seem a bit stilted, but I definitely enjoyed wondering what "incorrect" word you were going to use every two lines. That must have taken TONS of thought! You also have a neat message here.
LOVE the wordplay hear.

The meeter is close, butt still could use some work.

This is just two clever--eye really got a kick out of it!
Good job! At first the spelling errors were distracting but then they turned to fun. I can tell you had a good time writing this.
Please post more of your poems at Poetry and Poets of God:
Very good. Looks like it was not an easy one to "right". LOL Great job!