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Great build up of tension. The ending might need a little tweaking. I loved this line: "Relief and shock oozed from them into the mud." Great visual.
Fast read. Really engaged me. Transitions to and from the flash back worked well. Loved Janet's sense of humour.
Great story!
I was on the bank of the Idaho, watching the whole thing.
Really fun story! Loved the title. Very realistic dialogue and description. My favorite line: She couldnt hear the white water of the rapids roaring for the blood pounding in her head. I enjoyed this very much. Great work!
Wow, an exhilarating read! Be careful of that pesky "it's"--with an apostrophe, it means "it is" (first paragraph). I enjoyed this, a unique read and full of suspense.
Great job of building up the suspense - I loved this! I might change the ending a bit - it seemed a bit "full" (not sure how else to say it!!), but otherwise this was a fantastic read!!
A very enjoyable story. You kept me entertained until the end. Thanks for sharing this.
I can say something that it seems I haven't been able to say much this time around: GREAT TITLE! The story was enjoyable and, yes, I was right there in the boat! Good job!
*Chuckle* This was fun to read and a definite twist from the regular classroom teacher, very descriptive words and phrases, like letting the relief and shock 'ooze' into the mud. Great job!
Great descriptions. You had me right there with your characters.
I really enjoyed this story. I've been white water rafting down both upper and lower gauley rivers in W. Vir.
Excellent job here. I liked a different take on TEACHER. Thanks for the fresh writing. God bless.
Hey, Val! A true story? Wow, must have been frightening.

Loved your power punch verbs and descriptions. You have an easy-to-read writing style.
I could picture the action as I read.

The Lord bless your pen and your mind as you write for Him.