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What a beautiful account of a true Missionary. You conveyed feelings and thoughts that we all can realte to so well - what a priviledge to have a relationship with someone like Aunt Barb.

You make us feel like we knew her too. Well done!
It is so good to have the Aunt Barbs around. They are a solace in times of need and a good role model for those willing to follow in their footsteps. You did a very convincing job with this article and I thank you for sharing.
I was a little confused as to who it was that was sick. But other then that, I loved seeing Aunt Barb so bold to share the gospel. Oh for more of those!
Thank you for sharing this lovely true story. Your ending was perfect! My favorite: The town’s highlight for the year is Founder’s Day where you can guess the serial number on a ten dollar bill. If you win, you can buy a round of hotdogs and sodas for all your friends and still have change left over.
I'm from a small town and I can completely relate!

Very touching story and well told! Thanks!
Terrific story about such a faithful woman. Drew me in and kept my interest throughout. Wonderful account of how older women can mentor younger ones.
Aunt Barb reminds me of my own grandmother. Thank you for telling us about a close-to-home missionary wading deliberately out into the nearest harvest field!