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What a sweet son! And the power of influence of a mother. One grammar note: When you finish a direct quotation, you must close the quote with a period or question mark etc. You can only use a comma if you are going to say 'he said' or something similar. Good advice about praying about a decision and then receiving the support. A wise mother.
A very touching and moving story. Written well; moved right along; made great points to ponder; and an enjoyable read from top to bottom. Kudos!
This piece touches the heart. And what an honest, open and beautiful relationship between mother and son. Enjoyable read.
I liked this heart-warming story. I could relate to the son who so desperately wante his mom's approval; I understood mom's fears in releasing her son to follow his dreams. There are a few issues with commas but was not problematic for me in that I was not distracted from the story. I especially love the Scripture reference for this story as it applies to a situation from last Sunday as the Lord kept it in my heart as I searched the fields for one of my beloved pets. Always excellent!

I loved this conversation between mother and son. It shines with warmth and honesty. I loved the ending and this family's trust in the Lord. It is A Reasonable Decision indeed! :-)
On target! Opening sentence grabs the reader. The dialog is natural and carries the story well. I only "back-tracked" over this quote. Apparently the mother is speaking, but Spencer jumps into the middle, which makes it sound like his words, especially with his clearing his throat.
Hey, Ive watched how you appreciate and care for many different people. Spencer cleared his throat looking steadily into my eyes. Remember those Goth kids you brought home for your party?
But, that's just a minor blip and easily clarified. You tell a sweet story well!
Very nice story here. Great depth. I could feel the emotions. My grandboy wants to be in law enforcement in the worst way. I just smile, proud that he would want to, but still hoping he grows out of it. If this is Val's story, great job, Val!!! You're hitting your stride. Good work.
A precious story! Love the things revealed about the relationship between the son and the mother, her real fears, his burning desire, all under the headship of Christ.
Great story, and what a neat kid! Aside from a few missing commas, which didn't really detract from the piece, this one really appealed to me.
Nicely poised. A good narrative and a sweet story. Be careful with exclamation marks - one time use is plenty.
I could relate to the emotions expressed of a mother toward her son. Most wonderful, though, is the tenderness and respect the son showed toward his mother. Sweet story, right on topic!