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A different take on the typical peaceful garden. Good thoughts.
I like the creative way you presented this story, thanks for the push to widen the scope of my thinking! Great story and strong message!
Your article was very good. But I was distracted by a spelling error, capitals in the wrong places. You need to do a spell check before submitting your work. This is so important because people like me who've done editing will notice these things right away.
What a wonderful approach to "Garden"--and how ironic that these two Biblical gardens are now war zones. Very creative, and I like the way you interspersed your narrator's thoughts with the narrative of her journey.
Interesting! Vivid writing. You may want to go back and rework this just a bit, some misspelling and other errors were a bit distracting, taking away from the story itself. Very creative point of view on the topic! Good work! :)
Very creative the way you worked the present into the past and vice versa. Good job.
I liked how you brought the story around from visiting the gardens to the salvation message through their historical significance. There were a few spelling errors and such, but I really liked this paragraph: " Shades of red and pink roses blending into a background of sculptured bushes and ornamental plants; a botanical masterpiece of artistic design that rests the mind, eases the nerves, and delights the eye." :)
Unique way of combining the two gardens under one theme and bringing in the salvation message. Well done.
If it's true that you've actually visited these biblical garden sites, then I am envious and thinking, "are you crazy?" at the same time. LOL Oh, how I wish it was safe to visit those places today. Great thoughts throughout. A nice take on the topic.
How ironic! This was a very original idea, well told. Definitely gave me much to think about!
I enjoyed getting a bit of a geography and political lesson with spiritual truths woven throughout. Good job!
Have you really travelled to those places? I could easily believe it - you write convincingly.

I was impressed at the way you move from the action to the lesson you want the reader to take home.

Well done.
Very creative! Original presentation of your thoughts and ideas! Loved the way you wove the tapestry of your story together and concluded with the salvation plan in your narrative. Good job! Please keep sharing your gift!