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Oh wow! I knew an explanation for the two plants would come, but I had no idea that would be it. A fitting tribute to many who sacrificed all to save others. Timely and touching.
Very touching and timely. It makes us remember the One who sacrificed His life for all sinners.
I was surprised by the ending, in a good takes a very creative mind to use "garden" in this way. Nicely done.
Nicely done. We must not remember those who perish. Reads well and has a nice flow.
Oops .. we must not FORGET those who perish. LOL
Ok, me too! Wow! :)

I loved the ending. Very clever use of the topic, using a garden to describe the horrific events of 9/11 to a little boy who can't comprehend the evil in this world.

I was a little bothered by your use of "the woman". It seemed impersonal in the midst of such an intimate story of a mother and her son. Other than that, however, it's a beautiful and precious story!

... and may we NEVER forget!
Oh my!!!!!
This story actually gave me goosebumps. Very anointed. I loved it. I believe this story has a life beyond FWs. Excellent job. God bless.
It's difficult to type with tears cascading down my face; so I'll just say "thank you"...
Because I value constructive criticism for myself, I always try to leave it. And because I spent years as an editor, I developed an eye for errors. I see none in yours. Excellent in conception and execution. Outstanding.
A well written story that pulls at the heart strings. That aside, as you gave Billy a name I think it would have made the mother a character I could relate to more is she too had a name. Daddy sometimes has a capital sometimes doesn't.
Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this touching, wonderful story.
What a wonderful tribute to the 911 tragedy. I suspected the two tall plants were going to be the towers, and I was not disappointed. Very creative, and nicely done.
very nice, and very well told. A lovely tribute to the heroes of 911
So touching and wonderful - and your characterization is GREAT - especially Billy. He acted JUST as a little boy would! I was not expecting the end - great job!
Touching, creative mixed in with a great message. Love it!
How you got this story from the topic 'garden' is a mystery ... but you did and you made it work! Congratulations on making the editors' choice. I'm so glad this will be published in the anothology. May we never forget...... I'm not even American, have never been to New York, yet I too am moved to tears - both the first time I read this and again now.
I knew this was a good one, David. Excellent job. Congrats on first place and EC. God bless.
And this isone I missed all week long! Your creativity is amazing, and the message terrific. Congratulations!
Excellent, insightful, and incredibly creative. I really liked how you used the garden theme in your story, and that the two plants were the twin towers.

Very, very well done.
Nicely done David. A wonderful thought to remind us of 9-11. A great way for a child to relate to the twim towers and the death of those who responded to the threat. May God continue to bless your writing and congratulations on your win. It was a blessing to read.
Congratulations, David, on your 1st place. Your story is beautiful and very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing your heart.
A beautiful pictorial reminder of so many moments in our Nation's history that we had best never forget.
A powerful story and reminder of what we owe to thoe who protect us. Thanks for writing it. The story builds nicely to the unexpected climax.