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Great story with a wonderful message! :-)
This is a great story - music, children, what more could you need?
Thanks for sharing.

God bless,

When I got to the part with the song, it gave me the chills. Thanks for sharing!
This is really good. Great story. Well worth the read.
This was a lovely story and an enjoyable read. God bless.
This is a lovable, well-written story - and what a BEAUTIFUL song! I needed those words today. :) Great job. Jo :)
This was my dad's favorite hymn, and it is such a wonderful witness to our Blessed Hope, Jesus. Thank you for the lovely story illustrating the hymn.
Well done - and I love the character names :)
The Stacattos, huh? Is their family rather short? hehe, sorry, couldn't resist. :)

This was a good story. One thing I'd suggest would be to not use bold in the hymn. If that was the part you wanted us to pay attention to, I'd suggest just starting with that stanza or maybe using italics. The bold was sort of distracting and drew my eyes to it before I'd read that far. :)
Very good writing. Nice job.
One of my favorite hymns. I could hear her singing it, and see the tears in her mom's eyes as she finished.
Great title, tremendous sweetness and poignancy in this story. Lovely.
Ahhh...You made me cry. I loved the part where she was ministered to by her husband through the daughter. Shows the importance of handing things down to our children and how powerful the things we share, as we rise up and sit down,with our children really are. Wonderful writing!!!
I loved the way you wrote this. Simple, just enough detail and wondrful sweet message. ;)
My favorite line:

Dev had once teased that she couldn't carry a tune if it had a handle and attached with Velcro.

I also liked how the title and the "true Anchor" tied together.

Great job!
A well written story. I enjoyed the read. Great job.
Beautiful - really brought the words of the hymn to life again for we in the gales of life.
Joanne, what a great lesson on faith and courage. It was a well written piece of work. God Bless, Carol Gray
Wonderful story of how our children minister to us in the most unexpected ways. Well written without being overly sentimental or melodramatic. yeggy
I read this with tears in my eyes. Well done, it is very well written!
Wonderful account of healing. A child often is the balm.
Joanne, A Song for the Sinking is a tender and powerful story. God often uses children to speak to our hearts. The Song you chose has a powerful message. Music often speaks to my heart. It was his favorite songs that brought tears to my eyes at my husband's funeral. God bless you as you continue to write for Him.