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A beautiful testimony to the Godly character of our Savior and the wonderful love of God. Well written!
Loved the insight from the Roman Soldier's point of view; however, this story comes from a Bible Translation that I am not familiar with; Pharisees are mentioned over and over as the ones who insisted on Jesus being crucified, and also states the nails went into the wrists and ankles. This new translation threw me off a bit, but I still liked the Soldiers side of what happened on that hill. Nicely done.
Antonius tells his version of the old, old story very well. Excellent writing, on target.
p.s. Now that I can see you are the author, here, Kevin, I also want to thank you for your comment on my "cross" entry. Especially thanks for recommending the website I included. You sure are an early-bird commenter! May the Lord bless you, too, with all the encouragement you need as you pursue your God-given talent in writing. I appreciate you! Thanks muchly.
Kevin, I also followed your advice and looked up Edy's suggestion of a great memorial site. It was awesome. Thanks also for your comments on my "Charley" story today. You're a born encourager and so appreciated. God bless you.