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This is hilarious! Loved it! Would have preferred white space between all of the paragraphs, not just "sections," but that may be just personal preference. The tone of this is perfect, and I especially got a chuckle out of "funder."
I like this one! Good job!
Oh, good, I started a trend! I Spy! LOL And Blind Man's Bluff for vision! Very clever there! I'm very bias though. I love this style of writing! And I particularaly like this entry. Grand job!
Incredible. what a wonderful,creative stroy. A pure delight from beginning to end. I liked the overall theme and tone. It wasn't too silly, but wasn't too serious. It was hilarious and powerful all in one. Love it!
One of my favs this week. Ha!
Never realized the Book of 2nd Kings was that comical; or that War Games could be that funny; but leave it to a modern day writer, with a creative mind and the ability to read between the lines... and WOW! A real delight! Excellent job! Loved that first paragraph, the fiasco with the peasant & donkey...great stuff!
That was great! A very hilarious interpretation of a Bible story usually thought of in a pretty serious light. Well done, an excellent piece!
Excellent and hillariouiis all wrapped up into one! Such an imagination you have! Awesome! :)
No wonder you're a master now, Helen! Congrats on an amazingly crafted, powerful and funny story (those are rare - not sure I really have to tell YOU that!). I love your "interpretation" of this Bible story!
This is very good. Thank you