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Oh how I wish that would happen to me! Just one walk with God...and I'd have so many quetions to ask that I would probably not listen - and I'd be right back where I was. Great Story! Loved it! Taught me a few lessons also. Thanks. Good Job.
Oops, sorry..."surf".
Wish there was a way to erase a "goof up"...but there isn't; so please excuse the 2nd comment - it was meant for the previous entry. Sorry! (a Real Goof-up day for sure).
So neat :) I agree with Marilyn - how I wish God would do this for me JUST ONCE this directly. You do an excellent job with this - I felt like I was right alongside them!
Reminded me a lot of Peter walking on the water. So many truths here about how we don't want to walk in darkness or how it's so hard to trust God. Great story; flowed well.
I've got goosebumps! Awesome entry! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your win, Allen. I loved the way you wove the conversation between them. Even in this I am reminded of how patient our God is with us. Very cool writing. Thanks.
Congratulations,much food for thought, and so wonderfully told!
Congratulations on your win. A fascinating story ... thank you. You are brave, though, putting words in God's mouth like that!!

Like your other reviewers, I too have often wished for a chance for a conversation with God ... but my observation from the Bible is that when God speaks, it always requires us to step out in faith in a big way. Makes me worry I might not respond with faith ... in which case, perhaps I'm not
quite so sure I want God to speak to me like that.

I loved your allegory. Great job.
A fabulous piece of work. And very encouraging. Congrats on you win!