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Not being a fan of free verse or unrhymed poetry, I'm not in a position to critique - but I thought it a bit weak on the Topic. However, Thank you for sharing.
Yes, the great climb for great victory is a constant and great challenge in the Chistian's life! I love the beautiful assonance of the 11th stanza...the repeated 'ee' sounds really bring a beautiful melody to the lines! I love the poignant message in this heartsong poem!
I don't usually comment on poetry. I enjoy hearing the poet read their work. But, your voice was evident and clear. A very honest piece. I believe you wrote every vision God gave you in this poem. Good job and keep at it. God Bless!
Your verses took me back to an image of Pilgrim, newly saved, tackling his first hill. How hard it was, his feet slipped. All pilgrims come to the place where their foot slips. It seems so shameful. (Right, Peter?) but it is only in this set of circumstances that we see that even if we "let go" He still holds us safe. The slip teaches us not to trust the flesh, but in the one whose footsteps we follow. Your poem painted this amazing process with powerful (great) words. Thanks.
A Masterpiece! Gripping, revealing, soothing, healing. what a journey. Brought tears to my eyes as I read. Wow! An awesome job of writing.
Great climb; great journey! Great anxiety; great victory!

Great job! :-)
Loved it!
What a picture you paint of our hesitating trust and His great, unrelenting mercy! I was especially drawn to the stanza:
One secret remains…...
Freedom within my grasp,
...I’m paralyzed.
What tremendous freedom we experience when we just "let go and let God!" God bless your gift for putting words together for the Kingdom!
I love that this poem is written almost like it's a conversation with God. Many, many wonderful thoughts and images here. Thanks!
The climb…
worth every step,
stumble and struggle along the way.
Thankful to the One who led me,
as peace replaces panic,
faith overcomes my fear,
anxiety is extinguished with hope
and anguish gives way to healing,
Grateful to the One
who led my journey into joy.

I love this Stanza! This is truly great. Right on topic in my opinion.