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Very powerful, moving, and ultimately full of hope. The present tense works well; consider re-writing the first section that way. I liked this a great deal.
Yes, this held me right to the end. The uncle's statement is so profound and true. Well done.
I loved this! I liked the short,abrupt sentences as the tension was mounting. I liked the way you told the ending. This was very good!!!
This is powerful writing. I loved the way it flowed and the profound truth, "It really doesn't matter." Great job.
Powerful and moving. Well done
This is strong. Very well written. I could argue some dialogue points but your essay overcomes such trivia. Thanks for sharing.
David, awesome job! I liked the way you told your story. Oh, and your short sentences.

My suggestion (& I leave this comment on alot of entries) is to press the enter key after each para, white space makes for an easier read. I know this may sound like a silly suggestion but if you read some of the Masters entries you'll see that they do this. Anyhow...

This is what I refer to as a "five hanky story"; so full of emotion that it holds the Reader in suspense while the tears flow freely. VERY well written.
God is sovereign and I am glad. He can do infinitely more that we could ever ask or think. His love sustains us when we think we can go no longer.Thanks for sharing.
The economy of words gives this testamony a paticular power. The situation, the emotion of the event, the people affected by it, are all allowed to speak for themselves. Moving and compelling, and a beautiful testamony. love and light to you.
A sad story woven with a powerful message,and also one of a families love.