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Excellent portrayal. Very detailed. I loved the verse you were given by God too. I didn't wish Him a happy father's day. I guess maybe I should. Keep up the good writing.
I liked the humor and straight-forward manner in which you told your story. I just wish you'd have shared more clues as to what you really told your son. (we all need HELP!)
Wow, very cute, and written with a pleasant, authentic voice. I love the "Happy Father's Day" to God at the end. If you re-visit this delightful story, consider un-capitalizing some of the words that have been capitalized for emphasis.

The "high five" at the end was a sweet word picture.
Cute and humorous. Very good descriptions. It made me smile.
Thanks for hinting! It really does work. Otherwise I might not have found this one...It's really a precious story, well-told!

And yes, a little more--ahem!--detail about the dad's speech would have been quite entertaining and informative, but it ended beautifully.

Loved the wife/husband interchange, super opening. And the dad's prayer--so down-to-earth and humble! With a few strokes, you made me really enjoy your characters. Super entry!
Such profound wisdom in this story. I loved the simplicity with which this father went to his Father for answers. Good job.
I like the weaving of this story - well done and just the right amount of humor and seriousness.
A very timely piece when considering how few fathers take the time and energy to instill values into their children that God would be pleased and glorified by. Very nice and pleasant read. Thank you for sharing this.
I love the conversations with the Lord. A minor note, try to lose the tags "he said," etc. and probably no need for explanation marks.
The birds and the bees...oh how I want to run and hide from this topic. Thank-you for reminding me that if I ask Him to direct my tongue He will.

Some typos, 3rd last para your period is outside of the quote and 2nd last para creator should be Creator. (I see you've done this throughout your entry so this must be a typo.)