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Really connected with the last verse. Great job!
Ha ha! This extremely clever piece really tickled me-are you a rap artist? Great, catchy meter, and you did it so well. The reader can identify thoroughly. Good flow of thought and organization, buildling to the final purpose: pleasing our Lord.

Now I'm stuck with a problem: how to get this out of my head so I can keep on critiquing...I think it's time for an afternoon snack!

Well done!
Very nice -so easy to relate to. Good job!
The Title lured me in; and although the verses didn't exactly flow smoothly - they were brilliantly done with truth and honesty. An entry that spelled out purpose with a Capital P. Thanks for sharing.
Oh goodness, you really nailed it! Haven't we all felt this way?

I liked the structure and the rhyming format; the meter was not as flow-y as it could be, but a few tweaks would take care of that.

The last verse bears reading again and again.
This is truly on topic. Beautiful message. I did find a few verses to be a little off, but the others pointed out the mistakes I caught. You're improving greatly as a writer and I'm looking forward to seeing your name come up in lights soon! great work. I also really liked the formating of this piece. It made it really easy to follow.
Your poem has bounce to it! You give your readers an enjoyable vehicle for the message of a multi-purposed life, keeping all the balls in the air. I think poetry was a good choice, as reading this as a piece of prose would, I think, just make us weary at the pace of life that runs us ragged! Good job!
Thanks for pointing out how busy we are pleasing everyone and reminding us to please God most of all. Good work.
Rachel, Fun poem full of "purpose" and meaning. Women wear so many hats and you beautifully illustrated that each job we do serves a purpose to the people around us and the God who loves us. I really enjoyed reading this.