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Really good! I liked the way you used various book quotes and her mental response to build to the final answer. I don't think you even need that last paragraph. If you word it so the very final words are If only this story was real, I think you'll have a knockout!
You are so creatively clever! You could have written an essay, with a list of various definitions for love (which some writers would do, and which I would find boring). You, essentially, did the same thing, but sneaked them into a story, with your character doing the job for you. Just what I love to see! You done good!
A great way to examine the different kinds of love. Well done. I agree that it should have ended with the "if only" sentence. Very clever approach!
I love this. You write very well. Keep up the good work!
A creative way of showing the different types of love. You give a strong sense of place, I can see Mary crouched among the books, turning the pages. Your use of dialogue is also strong adding to the drama within the drama. If you rewrote this story, think about gradually telling the reader why Ann is in the warehouse looking for an answer to the question what is love, then you would engage the reader in her story/journey/search.