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This is captivating. What an inspired way to tell the story of redemption lost, and then found. Good job.
This was done very well!
Fantastic! Best I've read so far. The approach was unique and allegory's are excellent ways to speak a great truth, couched in language that even an atheist would read, though may not be able to comprehend the fullness of it's meaning. I can't wait to find out who the author is.
Very well done, a great story.
What a great story, very creative. You had my flesh crawling with the great worm excape!
oops, that should have been escape...anyway, I I really liked kept my attention, and the end made me sad.
This piece even reads like an exquisite melody. Your ending, the crushing of the Song, is sad, yet brilliant.
Evocative, descriptive, haunting... this really captured my imagination. Oh for more of this! Really good, and God bless.
Excellent word useage! Wonderfully written and gripping. Not my favorite genre, but wonderful all the same! ;)
Helen - I was a judge this week for Fulfillment and I wanted to drop a note to you because I thought your piece was excellent. I think you should look at getting it published somewhere, and I definitely think you belong in the Advanced Category! Such poetic language, and such a wonderful allegory. I am sure Deb will tell you this, but the top 20 pieces scored so close together that sometimes only .0001 of a point separate them, so be proud of your hihly commended spot!
Phew, I feel like I've used up every ounce of energy in me as I've read your piece. It is totally brilliant. Not a nice relaxing coffee table piece, but a deep intense gripping piece. I love it. Congratulations, by the way, on placing - it is certainly well deserved!
I forgot I didn't leave a comment on this one (but only because I was judging). Cori was right, this piece was incredible. One of my favorites of yours (besides Spine of Steel). And yes, your placing reflected your talent. Masters will be coming soon!
Absolutely love it, especially the dance bit. But didn't the new songbird overcome the stoning?