The Official Writing Challenge
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Thank you! You were very transparent in this article. God has blessed many on this site with a talent. May all be used for His glory.
I'm sure many readers will identify with you. Thanks for sharing the gift you've been given with many of us who are also attached to our computers and somewhat crazy :-)
I know that part of our hearts go into every word we write. We wait patiently to see if anyone will read it. Sometimes we forget why we wrote it, the need to get the words out or to gives this mountains of thoughts lead by God to paper. We forget the reason when we wait and no one reads. It's hard, it's humbling and you captured all of that and if it helps, I don't know you!
This article is so real. I know it will bring forth fruit because it already has in me. I'm writing for Jesus! Its all about Jesus! Win or no win, if we can touch one life we have been successful.
Many will identify with this article, but you've written it with such humility and sincerity that it touches those who read it. Thanks for sharing.
As evidenced by the comments, this entry touches a chord in every writer and reminds of why we do what we do! Thanks for the refocus!
Beautifully done. Keep writing from the heart, Debbie. God is using you!
This is a great one, Debbie! I think a lot of us have similar feelings. Our words, written or spoken, are an extension of us and it's hard to just put them out there and see what happens. But you're so right--it's not just about us. I think that's a reminder we can all use once in a while. Thank you! God bless!