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wow, really graphic! I felt like I was right there with you. Well done.. P.S Catchy title!
Awww, I'm a dog lover so you have my vote as a winner this week. Good work.
I agree---very grahpic. Excellent job of descibing your experience!
So clever! I love the thermometer bit, and the mayonnaise. Lots of little witty nuances to your narrator's voice.
I was gripped from beginning to end. Very funny, but also moving. Very skillful. What are you doing in Intermediate? Leave us plodders alone and move on up!
This was hilarious. Great job.
What an enjoyable read. So funny. How I love to read the work of a writer who can laugh at themselves and their foibles. Yes, I knew from the start you would get stuck with the birthing but the lovely journey you took us on, the little insights into your life, your dreams and your family undermined any predictability. Well done. yeggy

I loved reading this. I loved the bit about the thermometer - YUCK! the fact that the reader knew from the title that the narrator was going to get stuck alone only made the journey more fun. Especially how comfortable the narrator is in the fact that she would not be alone for the event. Oops.

Only one small detail - dogs rarely give birth to only one pup in a litter. I had a dog do that once, but it is rare. For believability sake, you may want to have the narrator get the first one and the owner arrive in time for the rest. Or casually mention the rest of the litter.

Good job and thank you.