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You made a mistake on the Scripture reference.

It should read:

Numbers 5:11-29
Good job of capturing the Biblical setting. You picked a passage that was unfamiliar to me; a very creative story.
I have read the Scripture about the "curse water" before, but this one brings it to life. Well done.
You have a wonderful way of making this unfamiliar biblical story come to life! Definitely wetted my appetite to read the account. Your characters and their reactions are real and believable. I thought it particularly good that you didn't preach at the end but left it to the reader to assume what her fate would be.

One think to watch, and this will save you valuable words is that in a two person dialogue you don't need to always say he/said, or 'she lied' when the reader knows she has lied. A single space between each line of dialogue makes it easier for the reader, also. yeggy
When I read this story, I was like "no way is that accurate". So, I reread what I've skimmed over so many times and actually saw it for the first time. How wonderful that you can make a person catch something new in the Bible by just adding 'flesh' to it. I mean by making a law into a story using the law. How horrible that there is ever a need for such gruesome measures.

BTW - nice title! Ok, better than nice. I am jealous because my titles are not nearly so good.