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A gripping read. A clever twist to make the word 'enter' an imperative.
We (the reader) are not clued in to where this couple may be trapped and why. The scripture you gave Rev.3:20 is used but misquoted to fit the theme of "enter", take care not to use scripture to fit your purposes. You have good imagination though.
There are so many parallels in this one...captivity, darknses, hopelessness...the things that crush the hearts of those without Christ. Then there is the need for quiet so they could figure out the answer and also so they could hear the knocking. Reminded me of Psalm 46:10..."Be still and know that I am God..."

The gradual awareness and then the desire to cry out to God are indicative of someone beginning to hear the voice of truth. Then the understanding of the only way to freedom.

There are a few things that you might consider tweaking. I agree with the comment about the designer jeans...I wasn't sure what the meaning behind that particular description was. And if you decide to use the passage of scripture about Jesus knocking and entering, you might consider reworking the end a little bit so it will fit better.

One other suggestion (just a thought)...somehow weave the working of the Holy Spirit into the descriptive mix.

Good work! You are a good writer.
You already have good comments, so I'll just leave quietly.
Clarissa's comment is precisely what I was thinking.
This is a good writing, but it is working so hard to stick to topic. The way out of this room ("ENTER" to Exit - you should work for start to turn off)... focus... umm, the way out is 10,5,19,21,19.
Dialogue is very good.
Note from author:

I feel I need to explain a little to me fellow readers. 1). This is an allegory of "entering" into a relationship with Christ. Before salvation a person is surrounded by hopelessness, doom, filth etc...Only by entering into that relationship with Christ can one be free.
2). The verse is not misquoted it's taken straight from the NIV version. I acknowledged that "enter" (found within the verse) was mine, but I put that in there to further communicate the point that entering in a relationship with Christ is a two way street. "...I will come in...(to come in can mean "to enter in) and "...he with me.." We have to be willing to enter into that relationship and the code was there to reinforce the point that when we look, when we reach out to Him, He's there waiting and willing to reveal Himself to us.

All that to say, sorry if I was too abstract. I honestly didn't think I was.Thank you all for your encouraging and helpful comments!
An intriguing blend of allegory and realism, and an interesting read.
You had my full attention, wondering exactly what prison this couple was in and how they got there. I, too, had difficulty understanding the comment "Her favorite designer jeans bore the imprint of an untimely fate with an almost certain death-this room." What imprint? But for that, the article worked for me all the way up to the last paragraph. After their anxiety and despair, I don't think Jesus quoting Revelation 3:20 would 'do it' for them. Al and Clara wanted to be released. You didn't show that they were. Suspenseful writing up to the end.

I just reread that sentence about the jeans. Opps! I accidently deleted the sentence I had written before it. I had written about how they(jeans) were ripped, dirty etc...And that(the current condition of the jeans) was the imprint. I was referring to the dismal state the jeans were in and comparing them to thier hopeless situation.

I must have missed that when I was trying to shorten this story in fit in the word limit.

Jessica, I really like this!

What made you choose metal walls instead of tradional ones?

You planted a pretty clear picture in describing circumstances while giving voice to the characters.

AND, I can't help but laugh while reading your response to the delete. Makes me feel more human in my errors.
An interesting read. Good visual and dialogue.
Very cool - and congrats :)
This was a very creative one Jessica, and scored high marks with me last week. the best part was when the guy said it was so easy, yet they had been trying to figure it out for so long.
I was with you! All the way! I know the feeling of entrapment, and the reality of something that seems like a secret code, and just not "getting it" - then realizing freedom is all about God's reaching out to us, and our receiving it! Nicely done! I really, really enjoyed this one. :-)