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Nice! It was a really cute story, and I laughed when I read the last line...It sure does seem as though that's how God might feel!
It is amazing how ordinary everyday things can spark off a lesson to be learned.
What a sweetheart you have!!! My lil one sometimes cleans up his own toys, but most days he's satisfied to make a mess out of them :)
Loved the title in the context with the story, very good enjoyed it.
How sweet! I loved it, especially the last line. Great job.
This is absolutely precious, and only a master writer could make washing the dishes a read that hooks the reader from beginning to end. Great tag, too!
This is a keepsake. I hope you win one of the choice awards! What a treasure of a child you captured in your writing! No wonder Jesus said, "Except ye become as little children...." so loving, so trusting, so wanting to be of service. Super writing -- thank you for sharing your little one this way!
Very cute and well written. Reminds me of when my teenage son used to be cute and helpful.
Oh, boy could I relate! I've got three little helpers, this sounds just like my house. :)

I loved "ever the literalist" - we laugh about that all the time with my three.

Good job, put a big smile on my face, and awesome last line!!

Great work, I'm so glad I found this one.
"A curly blonde jumping bean..." - what a great description!

I love the last line too.

What a beautiful account of one of those precious moments!