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This was great!! I loved your ending and loved the 'voice' throughout. Good writing and you told a very real story.
You held my interest all the way through. Your description of the girl and the incident with the bird was spot on. You made me feel the emotions you went through. Well done!
You peaked my interest from the beginning and held it to the end. Outstanding job of describing "those eyes", a hurting soul.
Fantastic writing!
I love your use of words, especially 'sick kaleidoscope'
Wow is all I can say. This story is a masterpiece. I got shivers towards the end. You wrote so beautifully. I can see eveything so clearly. Wow. Amazing job.
Very good and I loved the title.
Fantastic story! Held my attention right through...Congratulations on the win!
Congrats! This was absolutely wonderful.
Congratulations! A beautiful but bittersweet story! A well deserved win! Kudos!
Beautfully done, and a great example of the effective us of intentional sentence fragments to capture an authentic voice. Welcome to Advanced--you're a gifted writer.
I don't know a lot of the in's and out's of writing, but I do know this...your story was one of the most moving stories I have read in a long time. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. Blessings to you.
Wow - it's no big mystery why this took first place.
Excellent beginning and a haunting finish. Mood was perfect for the piece. Congrats!
Powerful, heart-breaking story. Written with excellence.
Hi Stephanie,

I'm just preparing all the winning entries for inclusion in the FaithWriters' Anthology for last quarter, and need to get a short bio note from you (written in the third person), to include with our "Meet Our Authors" section. If you are at all unsure what to write, it may be worth checking some of the bio notes at the end of the articles at FaithWriters' Magazine ( Once you have your bio note ready, could you please send it through to me at [email protected]

Thanks for that. Look forward to hearing from you.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)
Article was excellent. It so hard to conceive anyone would hurt a child, little animal, a grandparent but it happens. We tend to not be as observant as we need to be. I had an incident happen to me when I worked in the hospital that reminds me to
watch and be His hand extended.
Thanks for the story.