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Interesting POV! A few word choice issues: "wont" instead of "want" in the 3rd paragraph (without an apostrophe, "wont" means "habit"), and in the same paragrpah, "James, John, and me", not "I." Really good job capturing his emotions as he must have felt on that day. Good stuff.
We are so "Peter-ish". It's a good thing we know how the story ends or we would die of despair. This was well written. Congratulations.
Creative way of bringing this well known Bible story to life. Good job.
How glad I am to know that that was not the end, but the beginning! We all know what it's like to feel ashamed of something we've done. It's a good thing He forgives us unconditionally. Good job!
Wow - you've given us a great picture of what Peter must have felt like. I especially love the line "He said Satan would sift me; he has and I fear there’s nothing left." Congratulations for infusing such energy and depth into a well-known story.
I can't add to what's already been said. Good job.
Well written, and good job getting into his head. When I first read the first line, I thought, "Oh, it's a girlfriend/boyfriend breakup story." But, I was wrong and pleasantly surprised :) I like where you left it, a cliff hanger for Peter, but a happy ending for those of us who know :)
A creative point of view - well done - you put us in the picture very effectively.