The Official Writing Challenge
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Cute. It's hard to imagine that family would think they should come before "The Challenge!" What an imagination you have. LOL! I enjoyed your not entering this week! :o)
Hard to resist, isn't it? Well done.
I understand the obsession with writing! Cute entry, but I remember reading that entries which reference the Challenge have difficulty "placing," because they don't really fit with the quarterly collection, which has to appeal to non-FW readers. I really enjoyed your easy-going wit here.
I can relate. Every week I think I have to come up with something.
I did a similar piece on the topic "START", entitled "Just a piece of Dust"...and got more comments, kudos, Pats On The Back,etc. than when I write a thoroughbred article! I see this happening to you, also. Could it be Writers can empathize more with this than with an unknown story? Hmmm? Great job!
Obviously, you need a more sound proof office..... THAT's why your still in level 2! ROFL! Nice piece that I can relate to. You used good words, and it flowed well. The muffled noises were perfect instead of actually puttin gsomething in there. Great job!