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God is definitely the best example of generosity and we can never compete with what He did for us.
I agree God is our best example of generosity. It would have been nice to hear a little more about your mother, perhaps a couple of specific examples of her generosity. Typos are easy to miss. One thing I've noticed that helps me catch typos is reading a piece out loud. Just a suggestion.
Thank you for your submission! It is amazing how God works through our circumstances with your Mom. You may enjoy having a writing partner to read your work before you submit it. I do, and have gained so much from her input. Also, try using It is a free open source program that also checks for grammar and much more. Good job!
So sad that you had to go through those times. Only God knows the reason and I pray He will make that evident to you. Praise God for your son.
Family pain and disappointment are great resources for writing material. You made some good connections there between being a child and being a good parent, and God's love for us.
You're right. We don't know the reasons. But I don't think God works in the "you have to give up A to get B," at least not in a situation like yours. I think sometimes, God just wants us to trust Him, without trying to figure Him out, because we really can't. I like the story you told here. I also feel like you could have expanded on this. Give us more!