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And then.....? This is like having the last page missing of a novel you've been reading!! You left the Reader hanging out on a limb...but it WAS suspenseful, was a page turner, and was well written. But this Reader leaves here feeling cheated. (Smile)
I love the ending--you've given your reader the privilege of determining what happens next. Wonderful writing here.
Well done, and left us hanging!
How often we force God to bring us to the end of our tether before we turn in humility to him! You portrayed you character's journey in a way that gripped my attention. Great sense of place. I live in the tropics and have never experienced that sort of intense cold, except through the skillful use of words by someone like you. Yeggy
Very visual, lots of action ... kept me reading through the whole piece.

My two concerns. 1. Some repetative words. ie: You used "snow" a lot. 2. White space. The paras were all the same size and blocked in. Makes it a harder read.

Aside from that, I think we really see your skills in this work. Very strong!
Was right there with him trying to survive! So - okay - when's part two? :)'Space' should do! Exciting read!