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I like this article and I remember the old TV sets with rabbit ears. I agree we need to ask would Jesus like what we are seeing. Jeremiah was told to take the precious from the vile.
What a great way to set guidelines in your house (or heart!) And you've taught us to verbalize the guideline wonderfully. Thank you for sharing this: "Let us say that Jesus was (should be "is") sitting on the couch watch(ing) TV with us. What would he feel comfortable watching? This should be the guideline(remove the "s")for us. (Minor corrections within really good instruction.)
I like this very much. Thanks for sharing. Guidelines are needed in all areas of our lives. What would Jesus do? - What would Jesus watch?
Well done...I enjoyed this entry very much.
Thanks, Claudia, for seeing those little words that are so important for getting the meaning across to readers. We can use all the help we can get.